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Hot Photo of Sarah Palin on Newsweek cover.

November 18th, 2009 1 comment


For the second time since Sarah Palin stepped into the national political spotlight, a photo of the former Republican vice-presidential candidate featured on the cover of Newsweek magazine is sparking controversy.

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Historty repeating itself!!!

May 23rd, 2008 No comments

                               1998                                     2008

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Positive side of July 2006 war

July 12th, 2007 3 comments


Today & after a year on 12th July 2006 war between Israel & Hizbollah (it is not a war between Israel & Lebanon as they call it), and as everything in life no matter how bad it is, has a positive side; Let us think what was the advantages of this war on our country.

 Let us imagine that Hizbollah did not capture the 2 Isreali soldiers that day,  let us also imagine that the  IDF did not bombed Lebanon for 33 consecutive days, or let us simply imagine that this war did not happen at all. Would the Lebanese government renew 145 bridges in Lebanon… I do not think so.

This means, that the july war helped us renew our infrastructure Free of Charge, as all the bridges were built by banks, institutions, persons or foreign countries.

 Hence, let us hope next time Isreal will bomb Baabda presidential palace, the Seray & the parliment. May be this way we will be able to change our President, our prime minister & all our deputies… Free of Charge!!!!

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Funny Slogan!!!

June 30th, 2007 1 comment


On my way to work each morning, I use the coastal highway,and I read this funny slogan posted by the Lebanese Forces on one of the pedestrian bridges in Karantina.

What is written on the banner is 100% right, but the signature is somehow weird. As I believe nobody forgot the way the LF dealt with our national army 18 years ago.

When writing the above, I am of course not taking a political side …it is only pure logic & some memory refreshment.

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Spain, We Are Sorry !

June 25th, 2007 No comments

BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) — A suspected car bomb struck a United Nations peacekeeping patrol Sunday in southern Lebanon, killing five Spanish peacekeepers and wounding three others, Spain’s Defense Minister Jose Antonio Alonso said.

“The most probable cause, pending final analysis, is that the explosion came from a car bomb that was remotely detonated as the Spanish vehicle went by,” Alonso told reporters in Madrid, Spain.

Alonso said Spanish patrols had increased security in recent weeks after various attempts to destabilize the region. He said Sunday’s attack happened on a road used daily by the Spanish peacekeepers. Those killed were between the ages of 18 and 21, he said.

Lebanese security sources said the suspected bomb ignited ammunition inside the peacekeepers’ armored vehicle, causing a secondary explosion that engulfed the vehicle in flames.

The explosion occurred in the eastern sector of south Lebanon in Khiam Valley, near the town of Dardara, Lebanese army sources said.

More than 1,000 Spanish troops are serving in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, Spain’s Defense Ministry said.


There are about 15,000 UNIFIL troops in southern Lebanon. The force was set up in 1978 after Israeli forces withdrew from Lebanon, but more troops were added following last year’s war between Israel and Hezbollah forces in Lebanon.

Hezbollah condemned Sunday’s blast and said it was intended to destabilize the country, Reuters reported. “The attack hurts the people of the south and of Lebanon,” Hezbollah-linked al-Manar television said, according to Reuters.

CNN’s Brent Sadler, Al Goodman and Carolina Sanchez contributed to this report.

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Who’s gonna save us from the last one who saved us?

June 8th, 2007 1 comment


From 1976 till 14th of February 2005, when PM Rafic Hariri was assassinated, the majority of the Lebanese (except the “Christians”) were saying that Syria & its army “saved” Lebanon from the civil war, religious division & of course from Israel. Today & after more than two years of Lebanese soil complete liberation (the last Israeli soldier left Lebanon on the 25th of May 2000, while the last Syrian troop left Lebanon on the 26th of April 2007) the majority of the Lebanese (Mainly Christians, Muslim Sunnites & Druze) are asking the entire worldwide community to “save” us from Syria!!! The greater part (in order not to say All) of the Lebanese people is really lost. They really do not know who our real enemy is. Is it Israel, Syria, Iran or

And who could be our real “Savior”? We will never have a solid answer to this question as I am certain that all the above mentioned regimes are our enemies hence none of them could be our “Savior”. They are all trying to get the best out of Lebanon, this small country with a strategic geographical spot and a huge human resource capacity. Deep down
Israel is not willing to sign peace with a small neighboring country which, if in peace, may compete with it in the very near future in the banking, services & tourism sectors. Besides, Syria will never digest the idea that Lebanon is a sovereign country; it will always try to swallow this small bordering piece of land full of financial & intellectual treasures. As for the other regimes involved in this quarrel, I am sure they will only react depending on their countries benefits (let us remember how US politics shifted towards Lebanon and it may shift again!).

Consequently, the only one who can really “save” us is us: The Lebanese people. YES… I still believe in us. We should all forget about our religious beliefs, our different political point of views and focus only on one thing: LEBANON free from Israelis & Syrians, Saudis & Iranians, Americans & fundamentalists.

You will all say that this idea is “déjà vu” and will never become a reality, maybe yes, but it is worth trying. Did we ever really try to think only “Lebanese”? Did every one of us, tried one single time in his entire life to forget about what his family taught him, or what his friends or colleagues think about the situation and tried to build his own perception?
Come on Lebanese, wake up, we are almost loosing our country, think deeply and “vote” for Lebanon from now on.

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