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In Egypt…

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This guy is unfuckingbelievable, check his videos


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This car is displayed for sale in VILLAGIO mall in Qatar at 1,200,000 Qatari riyals. It is made in Holland. The capacity of engine is 4172 CC. Number of  Cylinders is V8. Power output is 400HP. Acceleration from 0 to 100km/hr in 4.5 seconds. Top speed 300km/hr. Anyone interested???!!!


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Nice Car

June 9th, 2008 No comments

Last week i was transiting in Frankfurt Airport in my way to Tunisia. This 1963 Mercedes 220 SE Cabriolet was exhibited for sale at Euros 74,600 Only…Enjoy

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Used Cars in Lebanon

June 9th, 2008 1 comment

This is how used cars reach Beirut port from USA. You only see the bright side of the story in the Car Expos all over Lebanon.

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Another Porsche.

April 11th, 2008 No comments


As promised, I am sharing with you the new Porsche I added to my 1/18 collection. It is the famous Porsche 356 B (1961 model).

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BMW factory in Egypt

September 29th, 2007 No comments


 In total contradiction with my previous posting (Egyptian Army), and while driving in one of Cairo’s street I saw this truck loaded with around 12 new BMW 5 series bodies. And when I asked about the reason, I was informed that BMW has 3 huge factories in Egypt, and these cars were being transported from the BMW car body factory to the BMW accessories & finninshing factory. These factories are producing the new 3 & 5 series for now, the 7 serie will follow soon. Besides Jeep & Mercedes have also factories in Egypt!!!

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A brand new car at €3000 only!!!!

September 10th, 2007 No comments


After the venture of the giant French Rhombus, Renault, with the Romanian car maker Dacia; A €7500 car was born: The Dacia Logan. This car sold & still selling a lot in Romania & the neighbouring countries & also in some other export markets like Syria for example.

Today, Renault signed a new agreement but this time with the number two motorcycle producer in India, Bajaj. This agreement between these two big motor vehicule producer will result of a 2 cylinders car, 750cc, with a trumendous price of €3000 per piece!!!! This car will be in the Indian Market in 2009 & I presume it is going to be a huge success in a country thirsty for cheap cars like India.

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Audi TT: to whom it may concern

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July 16th, 2007 No comments

Look at the business of this guy, his mobile number and his car registration number.


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